The Faces of Caregiving are many.  They are of those that need assistance, and those providing the assistance.  The faces can be happy, sad, frustrated, content, compassionate or any of the many adjectives that embody the role of the family caregiver and their loved one.   I started the Faces of Caregiving photo album on the AcadianaGriswoldSpecialCare  – Facebook page because of the memories of being caregiver to my dad.  The emotions of caregiving run full spectrum from positive to negative, but in my case they were all connected by the common thread of the love I had for him.  There were too many moments of exhaustion, self-imposed quilt, and impatience.  There were more moments of laughter, journeys down memory lane, simple pleasures and new memory making moments.  Four years after the death of my dad, I look back and am flooded by the memories of those days and am surrounded with contentment and moments to smile about.  I remember the agony of  telling him the report from the doctor that he had 2 weeks to live and how he comforted me.  He lived for 90 more days bravely educating me with his actions and words on quality of life and dignity of death.  They were 90 days of love, 90 memory packed days.  My care for seniors and their families is guided by my memories of him and the lessons he taught me not just in those last 90 days but all of my life.  To me he is  the face of caregiving – the one that looks back at me each time I look into the face of someone new asking for some assistance.